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Is A Vaporizer Better For Your Lungs

Cos everywhere I went “Hey man have you tried a vapouriser (we’re in the UK)?” YOu haven’t tried iT??? ” However the weird thing, everybody going crazy about this magical device but NOBODY seemed to have one or know anyone that did! So finally I went on Ebay and bought a AROMATHERAPY MACHINE! aka legal way of selling the VAPOURISER .  When I first open the device out of the box, I was like “How is this gonna work?” but it was pretty straight forward in usage, so I managed to work it out.  I thought I’d wait and get used to the device before I wrote up an article about it.. So I’ve been using this box of tricks for a couple of months now and I’ve found it to be GREAT!! I fucking love it!

So what is this device and how does it work?

An easy way to image what’s going on inside this box is to imagine an it as a Weed Oven.  We use a vapouriser to consume weed via a humidifying process.  i.e. once you set the heat to approx. 180 – 230 degrees celsius it uses convection currents to separate the water particles and T.H.C from the weed.   The benefits of doing this rather than lighting up a joint is that using this process it removes near all the harmful tars and carcinogens which are produced normally when smoking i.e. combustion.

However the advantages don’t end there:

  1. A vapouriser gives you a nice smooth hit every time!
  2. Unlike when you using a pipe or a water bong the hit you get from it can be really harsh because the weed gets really hot when you light it.  When vaping the temperatures the weed get to never gets to combustion point i.e smoking. The weed is really gently heated using hot air blowing from the vapouriser nossle.  In turn as it’s not as hot as you’d have using a lighter the resulting vapours are a lot cooler.
  3. When smoking weed you’re inhaling carcinogenic particles that cling to your throat and lungs, which is what the feel we get of burning and coughing sensation. – NO MORE COUGHING FRENZIES
  4. Spare your lungs!!!When you vapourise marijuana your lungs don’t get exposed to as much extreme hotter temperatures. Overall vapourisers – vapour are generally over 60-80 % cooler than smoking marijuana.
  5. Vapourisers only heat the T.H.C in the weed thus the resulting vapour is extremely pure!! i.e. this can make shit weed seem like grade A Kush.
  6. It purifies out all the bullshit that may have been put into your deal of weed to make it heavier, i.e. glass, or grit
  7. So if you have picked up some lower quality weed, you don’t have to worry – it’ll make it feel much stronger than it would be if you were to smoke it
  8. The smell that is left over after a vapoursing session is hardly noticeable! Smoke particles released from the SMOKING sticks the walls, the curtains & fricking everywhere, and thus the smell doesn’t go!! Weed vapour is like fart smell, it’s there but waft it away and it’s gone!!
  9. Vapourisers makes your weed last for longer! It has 110 efficiency on burning the chronic – as it does it slowly and really gets the most of your weed, meaning you ultimately use less.

“What the fuck is a spliff?”

I remember my American friends asking “why you putting tobacco in that shit??”  Yes us Europeans use tobacco when we roll and call it a “SPLIFF”.  WHy? Well for many reasons!! Surrounding the weed in tobacco burns the weed hotter, and thus gets more T.H.C out of it. Unless your WEED is 100% A GRADE it won’t burn properly all the way through, and this is only way to roll it without having to relight it every 20 seconds.  Vapourising – benefits for us British & European Folk. – The Residue!! Many people only have started using the residue of the vapourising session as a substitute of tobacco.  This is a great idea as smoking tobacco without a filter (i.e. what you do when smoking a spliff) releases some FUCKED UP carcinogens like benzine and hydrogen cyanide which is the worst thing anybody could ever do!! and fuck we do it all the time!! – Doing this is a much clever way of smoking weed.


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