CLEAN – 2 Months 6 Days 15 Hours and 54 minutes later … and counting

world_record_medal So sure I’ve been clean before but never this long!! This must be some personal record and definitely feels like one as I’ve experienced truly new things on this trip. So back to the old question do I miss smoking weed? Occasionally yes I do- I won’t lie there are times when for that I’m feeling smoking A FATTY usually is the perfect remedy and the right fix. That said unfortunately I went there and got the T-SHIRT and crossed over into the addict zone and by doing so crossed myself off the casual user list permanently.  The funny thing is I still don’t know how to roll a joint properly, unlike so many of my fellow smokers, each joint I think subconsciously I role in a different way on purpose.

Being sober now what came back?

backFirstly and for mostly let’s just go there I have my brain back and seeing my mental horse power return has really felt just fucking AWESOME!  My memory recall is accurately on point, where I can CONFIDENTLY remember I left my keys I can easily recall dates to have any numbers such as times and the thing that most stands out are numbers/details aren’t blurry in my mind anymore – I believe many describe this as brain fog. I’m a lot more active now that I was before as for the obvious reason I am not constantly using a sedative in the high-volume every single evening. I.e. I wake up much easier in the morning almost like a PC start-up time if you wanna call it is much like Linux running on the SSD(Computer science joke apologies).

The myths

dreamingMy mind isn’t as any less creative than it was before, if anything being high all the time was mearly my way of putting my brain into creative mode but just being stuck there and I’ll ultimately be unable to exit that mode and actually action any of the ideas that I had conceived.  I walked closer and closer to the world of being a dreamer.  Unfortunately my appetite is not as bad as it was before as back in the old days even though I was full to the brim being a high meant that I was able to continuously eat into the early hours of the morning this is not the case.

My society?

The last 10 to 15 years of my social activities have been based around weed smoking with smokers so my decision to quit ultimately was always going to have an impact on people around me.  The first couple of weeks I isolated myself and didn’t attend usual friend sessions in the fear that I may break. However a month later I am more than happy to be around all my friends while they’re all smoking weed in ample amounts and not divulge in the activity myself. Sure while I’m there I smoke a tiny rolly of tobacco as a substitute however truth be told I never liked tobacco or cigarettes really hence the fear of becoming an addict of being a cigarette smoker was never really on the cards for these reasons.  My social society adjusted to this change pretty quick and painless.  I’ve been such a prolific and long term smoker I was worried that this may have been more of an issue here however none of these things were the case.  To all my friends that wanna quit but can’t quit for they’re stuck in the same loop I was I  hope the one day that they can find something strong enough to hold onto to allow them to let go of the stuff, because God knows it took me almost all of my adult life to do so.


So it’s been two months and 10 days and blah blah blah whatever the title says and I guess I’ve saved two things or three depending on how you wanna look at it.

Firstly –  money. I was spending a fixed amount every week to purchase drugs, which I no longer do. I calculate that I have saved somewhere near £300-400 on just buying weed alone and that’s not including tobacco cost which would take the total the up higher.

Secondly – time.  As soon as I would get high likelihood of being productive would drop to somewhere between 5 to 10% as I would be blissful sedated and extremely docile. Once in that state I couldn’t be bothered to do anything and I would much rather sit and dream about things I was going to do however the sad reality would be that hardly any of those things that I would dream would actually come to fruition.

Thirdly – my life. Like I said this one is subjective and more or less a combination of the other elements. It seems too important just to not discuss this regardless as ever since quitting and going clean my productivity has shot up somewhere near the 60 to 70% mark and changes are happening right in front of my eyes with little to no effort. It seems apparent now that weed was my jailer for very many years!!! A jail where I voluntarily opted to stay in . As a musician I just dreamt of new concepts and never implemented them.  As a human being my goals in life and objective as the days went on turned more and more into a pipe dreams and as time went on I lose faith in the reality of it all.

Do I miss smoking weed? The feelings of being high is amazing and undisputedly beautiful and for this reasons we choose to stay in this jail cos it’s nice and peaceful there, trouble free… What weed give you is truly magnificent, however what it slowly siphons away from you is your life in return.

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Deploying COLD TURKEY commencing, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

COLD TURKEY Hello again, haven’t we met before. My name is COLD TURKEY, and yes we’ve definitely met before.

Yes that’s right, I’m the guy that wrote a blog called HOW I QUIT WEED and wrote a few articles on actually doing this but then wrote many many more articles on why smoking weed was the shit!  So few friends laughed with me, the others (behind my back) laughed at me and now things aren’t going so well.  SO …. Mr.COLD TURKEY IS IT!

WHY THIS DRASTIC Discison, Ease Into It Right??

I ask you this question sincerely and dearly… Did “easing into it” ever work for you? i.e cutting down the amount you smoke slowly till you’ve quit.  Like did that ever work anyone??? On paper the concept seems perfect and the most logical way of going about doing this, but in practicality and in reality, it’s BULLSHIT and doesn’t work at all.  You’ll shout at me here, saying “oh no, in your personal experience you mean” or like those DICKHEADS on twitter who all tweeted at me saying “BOI YOU AINT GOT NO BALLS (DISCIPLINE)” I told them TO SHUT THE FUCK UP and WAKE UP, cos they’re IN DENIAL.  They aint stopped smoking weed one single day in their lives, however they just pretend they can when they want to and preach the rest of the time and I really haven’t got time for those fools.

Cold Turkey Is Less Painful In The Long Run

Lets break this down, whether you’ve been smoking everyday leading up till your “LAST” smoke or just had a few doesn’t make any difference for the minute you are intoxicated, your system has weed it in and there will be absorbed traces in your fat lining / blood for the next 30 days.  Hence is makes it no easier to give up the herb, however you run up to the event and ultimately three quarters of this entire battle lies in your mind anyway.  I used this EXCUSE of a method many times in my life and I personally blame this approach for so many of my failed attempted and just general time wasted.  I should have just been more logical / direct about things i.e I want to stop smoking for a while OUTCOME DECISION : I won’t smoke tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and the day after that.

The Problem with Smoking Around the Clock?

You and your smoking buddies been chilling for years now, man you probably can’t even remember a different time to how it’s always been.  So it started out a great thing to do, you really enjoyed yourself it was cool, you would hang with the guys and do your thing, nothing was wrong with this picture –  right?  You all had your good times, but then I dunno maybe it took five years, or ten or even fifteen years but you soon realised (as did everybody else) that “Damn I SMOKE too much shit!”, and that “This shit is making me too chilled out!!” and perhaps even “..I could do with feeling some of the pain, and worries of life cos I’m too lax right now, like I ain’t got a worry in the world” Now here lies a problem, for maybe what we’re told about Worrying and Anxiety is counterproductive. i.e it’s BADD and you shouldn’t do it, cos it’s BADDD okay! For maybe when we worry and get anxious about stuff there’s a reason behind it, and sometimes perhaps a really good reason for it – some could say it’s your bodies way of telling you “DUDE, Don’t you think you better do something about that thing”.  It almost works like a warning light in your car’s dashboard when you’re running low on gas, or your water tank need refilling.  Now you wouldn’t find a mechanic telling you to “TURN ALL THOSE LIGHTS OFF MAN, JUST ENJOY THE RIDE!!” for that would be suicide right, and without worry and anxiety you’re doing the same thing and is also suicide.

Obviously this isn’t true for everybody AT ALL but for some deep inside their conscience they know smoking around the clock is really just a way to cover up what’s wrong with their lives, and this doesn’t just apply to weed it is a general sign which should be looked out for in context over abuse of any substance.

Friends Who WONT Let You Out Of The Circle


So then there’s your crew which for some it is still the collective mind, and even if the days of everybody getting together and getting high as fuck are well over their influence is still always there.  Don’t be surprised if your crew find very good arguments for you to continue smoking as you were, everything is fine, don’t worry.  This isn’t necessarily cos everybody is evil and out to get you but could be for even simple reasons like how when a relative goes to hospital, people tell you “don’t worry everything will be fine!!” obviously they aren’t doctors, they’re just telling us this to make us feel better.  Of course that said  then there are the few, who actually may have mal-intentions when they hear of you quitting the herb.


We’ve all been there and I don’t think it’s right to sit here and judge anyone on this but ultimately there will always be those who will greet the news of you quitting negatively, which may seem odd as to why they would even care what you’re doing – however there are many reasons as to why this may be the case.  Most certainly if you’ve had these friends for a while, it’s quite likely they’ll be somewhat similar to you in someways and may have similar issues, and problems that they’re also using weed (or other substances) to run away from.   Point being that the news of you “leaving the ship” may bring attention and extra highlight their own issues resulting in them giving you counter advice such as “Nah man, there’s no point in quitting weed – the problems are elsewhere mate” or the one I had was “go abroad, and quit there cos that’s the only real way it’ll ever happen, no point even TRYING HERE!! don’t do it.”


People will be people, and you have to let them be as they choose to be, as if news of you quitting the herb affects them then you’ve no choice but to either continue as you were and ignore them, or cut them out till you feel ready to be able to socialise around other cannabis smokers without the neccesity to cave in.


Rediscovering your long lost discipline can be an ore awaking experience and can completely change your life.  It’s very commonly seen that conquering a fear can lead to a domino effect of other phobias being also conquered using the same power and momentum.  Nobody should blaming weed for the problems in their life, and we should always look at ourselves and tackle substance abuse properly as soon as it becomes an relevant issue.  If it was so that you had the power to change yourself for the worse then logic concludes that you also have the power and the means to change yourself for the betterment of you and others around you.  So I encourage you to embrace that inner strength and focused positivity and let it lead you to a place of happiness, where at this place even if you choice to smoke like a pipe – NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO SPEAK BADLY OF YOU,


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If You Ran Out Would Your Friends Really Be there?

PHONE ANGER You’ve got enough left for one dube, shall you smoke it? OH GO ON – GET HIGH you deserve it you’ve been good. So you smoke it, it’s okay you can get some more tomorrow from the usual guy at the usual place.  Alas arrives tomorrow and you text the usual guy and get ready to go the usual place but he takes his time to reply and as you know from experience this happens – so you remain ready.  However, when he does reply the news it’s not quite what you expected “HE OUT”.  Now this message is meant to be a police safe SMS, i.e. “I’m IN” meaning I got shitloads to sell as opposed to “I’m OUT” meaning very quite the opposite as the sentence suggests anyway.  As you start to think about implications the choice to smoke or not has now been removed and as the reality sinks in and you’re left wanting it even more and more, so what to do.  Time for the DUBEY TEST!


Have you ever wondered how many people would actually be there to help if you couldn’t score some weed.  Well today you could find out, by trying out the dubey test.

  1. Find 3 to 4 people you smoke with most often with.  Preferably people you have seen in the last 14 days.
  2. Text them explaining that you’ve run out and that you’re looking to smoke a joint with them if possible.
  3. Count your replies.



the lovedThese results can be interpreted into one of many ways to mean one of many different things.  It could be that all 3 / 4 people respond immediately saying “COME OVER RIGHT NOW, In fact I’ve sent an UBER round to come get you so save you the effort of driving” In which case you have the nicest friends in the world and you should remain happy that they hold you such high esteem, one day you’ll have to make the difficult choice of making one of these great men your best man or woman.  LUCKY YOU as you sit there in somebody’s flat smoking copious amounts of somebody’s else weed and for a moment you feel like a kid in a candy store.


So out went that group text and the people who you knew wouldn’t reply, didn’t, as expected, but however you hold out on some of the people as you never know what could happen – You’re still open to being surprised.  Now, as expected you ones whom you didn’t expect a reply don’t and outta of the remaining you get one positive response – HURRAY!! You’re perhaps not loved but nor do you feel hated either, as there’s somebody out there who cares enough to be your beam of shining light.  You go to bed singing their name, and their praise and one day when they try the dube Test on you – be sure to greet them with balloons and cake.


theloneNow we come to you, unfortunately yes this happened where you waited eagerly staring at your phone.  Made sure the ringer was on, incase you missed their call or text and you checked the ringer further again twice more… it definitely was on.   An hour went by and still nothing and now it was no longer about smoking weed with anyone but your pride and ego is under threat.  Does nobody care?? REALLY?? the reality sinks once more – this was massive, you know they’ve all recieved and read the message and rather than replying being honest they’ve opted to concoct a story the following day.  You go to bed feeling nothing but bitterness and spite towards these people for one day they’ll ask you for something and that day you’ll remember this one!!! and like that you cry yourself to sleep…..zZZZ


Come the afternoon, strangely around the same time comes flooding in 2 of 4 cretans whom ignored your cry of help and now wish to EXPLAIN.


[Translation] : I completely ignored your cry for help, and don’t really wanna talk about it – CHANGE SUBJECT – CHANGE SUBJECT – CHANGE SUBJECT

“Soz just saw this , you still wanna smoke?”

[Translation] : I also completely ignored your cry for help and don’t really wanna talk about it but I’m gonna offer you a smoke knowing most likely you’ve probably picked up but I’m gonna still try and be your saviour.


Let’s be honest with ourselves when we analyse the meanings and results of the dubey test.  Firstly if you’re fast asleep and one of your junkie friends texts you asking for a hit you’d be probably just go back to sleep right? ME too, so that’s forgivable in ways if you reserve the shoe.

Time of text is a crucial variable? 

I think it’s appreciated that sending out emergency texts thirteenth hour could test any solid friendship.  Certainly a valid argument however alas this article is sadly a true story.  Why? sadly I hear you ponder (or not, but i’ll tell you anyway) Well my results weren’t terrible fortunately for I wasn’t in the “no friends” band.  Out of my 3 peeps in the test  I got one positive response which was slightly unfair conditions as my forth person whom has always replies 99.9% positively was also in this case my “dealer”.  While one of the individuals in my list I texted for more comedic reasons than actual hope, for I’d have my doubts that they would come even if I was fire!

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Smoking Weed But You’re Plateauing – What Now?

not happySo you do your usual thing, go pick up some weed from your dealer, go home and smoke that shit up! However it’s happened again hasn’t it, ie sure you’re high but are you really enjoying this one? (If you are read on no further) however if even after a couple of joints a vaping session you’re still feeling like you’re in plateau land i.e. you’re not sure if you’re stoned, or find yourself questioning “Why does this feel like just being totally normal” or “maybe this weed isn’t the chronic, this is some low grade shit” then it’s that time again.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite possible that you are smoking some low grade weed and you bumped by your dealer and you’re smoking some inferior yak.

How much have you been smoking?

Well if the above description fits you gotta ask yourself how much you been smoking and if the answer is non-stop then there’s your answer. Ultimately it’s no different to any other drug be it paracetamol if you’re taking it all the time, as when it comes to you actually really needing it, the normal dose won’t work.  It happens, just until last week I was smoking like a pipe as all weed lovers do from time to time, but I felt that calling that I abusing not using.

Money and health?

money in handLets not forget how much money you been blowing on this addiction.  i.e If I could give back your clean healthy lungs with a pretty fat pay cheque being the sum of the honest cost of how much you spent of smoking cannabis would you take it? You know you always see on television and online scary adverts of what your lungs and inner linings will look like if you’re a weed/ smoker but you probably always do what I do and just ignore them thinking it won’t be you. Well I recently had my checked with one of those pinhole cameras which the doctor very unpleasantly stuck up my nose and pushed it down my throat and guess what – just like the TV adverts there was white tar bullshit lining my gut. Fuck!
So I’ve been clean now after this realisation for about 8 whole days!! Sounds lame, my girlfriend pointed out how much of an addict I sounded like when I was proud of my 8 days, but us weed smokers know that going without for the first week is pretty challenging and sure I wish it was 8 months as my lungs really do need a break! So anyway if i’m being perfectly honest I’ve already noticed the difference in me since quitting this last week.
In the next article hopefully I’ll hopefully be able to talk about how my life has changed as a  consequence of this big CHANGE!
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Problems trying to get Dealers Numbers.

SUPERMANIt’s that time of night, and your friend picks up his phone and dials a number. “Hey man you around?” he asks. “Great, that sounds awesome I’ll see you in a bit” and like that he suddenly ends the call.  Within no time at all a random guy is standing at the door asking for my friend.  I leave them talking, and as my buddy leaves the guy and re-enters the room he’s got a big ass bag of weed in his hand! “Your dealer delivers?” you ask politely. “oh he’s not really a dealer, he’s like just a friend that sorts us out from time to time” he tells you.  You’re fine with that and you move on to rolling a joint and eventually spark up and start smoking.  As you puff rings of glory in the air, you undoubtedly conclude that this is the best weed you’ve ever smoked.  You ask your friend, “So how much did this stuff cost you?”, and he replies back with a figure that’s so low your brain can’t properly comprehend the information.  At that moment you weigh up that, your friend can get orgasmic weed, at discount prices, DELIVERED TO HIS DOOR, and all times of day and night!! whHaT????? Overload… your brain starts buckling under extreme pressure, for you must acquire this SUPER DEALER’S number and services IMMEDIATELY.

Cue the awkward moment…..

JayZOk you hesitate a little but with no further ado you just come out and ask him “ermm hey man, can I get your guy’s number from you?”.  He squirms around a little and shrugs his shoulders and eventually says “errr dude, I can’t man, he’s not really a dealer, he wouldn’t like it”. “HE’S NOT REALLY A DEALER?!?!?!?” his words loudly echo in your mind, “You call him, you buy weed from him, how’s he not a frickin’ dealer? Is my money different to yours?” Regardless your friend has made his mind up, apparently even if you did take his number, he will not serve to you.  Well isn’t that fucking great!

So How To Get in Contact with Weed Dealers?

1) Walk around the city centre with your best PRO-WEED t-shirt, if you got long hair, then leave it out & get it hangin in a ponytail, basically do whatever you think that highlights you as a potential buyer, from the eyes of a stoner.  Admittedly you walk into this deal knowing you’re getting ripped the hell off, but hey you’re still getting some weed.  You then have the opportunity of either getting his number or in the annoying event that your guy is actually calling another dealer and is acting as a go between, you should accept no deal that doesn’t include a phone number.

2) Okay okay, if your friend was somehow acquainted to or knew that SUPERMAN DEALER dude, you shouldn’t give up that easily.  It’s true a lot of micro-dealers these days buy a very precise amount of weed and have just a handful of customers i.e really close friends for security reasons.  This type of dude will probably deliver only because it’s his close buddies house, who’s most likely had favours in return.  He wont accept your custom as he’s not your friend and doesn’t care to be.  At best you can ask you friend to invite Mr.Super Dealer in and introduce you guys formally.  He still probably wont deliver the goods like Pizza Hut, but you’ve definitely increased your chances of picking up weed from him, for at the end of the day Money Always Talks!


Depending on where you’re reading this, Cannabis is either tolerated or just plain out illegal which means Google / Yahoo probably won’t help you out on this one.  In this very closed world it’s a word of mouth industry, and the more contacts you have the better chances you’ll have at solving this one.

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Heavy relapse to the Ganj? Welcome Back in Cell Block H!

prisonAre you afraid of sleeping? I ask as why else would you smoke yourself into the night watching rubbish on Netflix just to pass the time, only to avoid the day time and light. You should be eating good food, but the only thing you have available at 5am is usually McDonalds or some other greasy substitute. I’d like to think there’s another reason why you delay the inevitable or choose to slump to this from time to time. It’s weird so many other people who just constantly live in this world 24/7 and have done for so many years.

What’s really going on?

The weed has got a hold of you, it’s that simple. It’s unfortunate, for people around you can see you digress into something that you once probably were, a lost straggler, pretending to hold it all together. I’d like to believe there’s a reason why you go from being so powerful, in control, running a tight ship with lots of people, to completely losing it! Not caring about yourself but more dreaming about the world, and you know you are! It’s depressing and okay it’s probably only been here for a week but boy it feels fucking longer than that for you’ve been here before, but imprisoned for much longer with no sentence or crime just nothing. The silence once made sense to you but now nothing does.

What people say you should do?

Clean the hELL UP! it’s that simple… People say Weed isn’t addictive and my infamous clash on twitter with @******** “boi weed ain’t addictive, you aints got no discipline fool” I tell that idiot he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, fucking anything can be addictive, and for any reason. I could bust a “You aint got no discipline” easily on most likely many other areas of his life, but there’s me pretending I’m talking to an intelligent person. The problem with social media is you often do talk to some really interesting inspiring people, but then without warning or notice, Ged the farmer will wanna have his 10 cents, and really it’s money that should be rebated asap!

What you probably actually should do?

Look there’s reasons behind why we do everything, and most often these reasons are really simple. This matter should never be complicated, if anything just not thinking about it and making a firm decision, understanding why it is you do what you do and lets be honest, we all deep inside know why it is we do what we do. If somebody asks us about it, we’ll turn a 2 minute conversation into a half hour and longer if we want, just to avoid the embarrassment of how simple the answer to your HUGEEE PROBLEM is. Just Do It! Life is about making what you want for yourself, building a structure, living in it, working from it, being what you make yourself.

Why the Destructive Tendencies?

jengaAnother really simple answer : FEAR! We destroy ourselves so that we can’t fail and have other reasons to fault and YES HERE WE GO AGAIN , OVERRR COMPLICATE the problem. It’s the reason we hold onto HATE, we know it’s like keeping that knife still stabbed into your chest there, bleeding away but it’s that life, yes it might require something EXTREME and crazy to effect an emotional change, but sometimes it’s just for comfort, or more specially cos we can. Understanding your dark sides are very important, as you’ll only ever draw power from truly mastering yourself.

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Last Night Before the Big Cold Turkey – Are You Ready?

gumsSo you went to the Dentist, they asked the standard question, i.e “How many cigarettes do you smoke? 1-4, 10+, 20+ etc etc” You tick the minimum box thinking you’re being pretty honest, cos you tell most people you don’t smoke which you believe to be true. Dentist looks into your mouth at your teeth and gums, and thinks “1-4 huh? yeh sure buddy, your mouth looks like the Human Centipede version of stitching a car exhaust to your face!”  If only there’d been a weed tick box on the form, things would have been so much more honest right.

It’s that time again….

EmpyBagofWeedSo you bought a large stash of Amnesia Haze, and decided I’m gonna out on a BANG! Of course as you do at the beginning of the bag you were making big SNOOP DAWG joints, perhaps coughing your nuts off, but HAPPY! Alas that only seems like a memory now and well you’re forced with something very scary and real approaching you, i.e. this bag is done and once lay JUICY BUDS now is a few crumbs …. I really gotta do this.  Getting high is great relaxing feeling, it doesn’t give you massive hangovers the next day, it’s a fairly pleasant experience so why the big WHO-HA about me having to give this shit a break for a while, it’s not hurting me OR at least you don’t think so! Ultimately that’s the case, we never realise who is good or bad for us generally in life as sometimes we can be in denial about things, and only years and years later do you actually start to see the truth for the truth.

BOSSNow everybody that reads this blog regularly will know that I FUCKING LOVE CANNABIS, I do and that’s what really qualifies me to say I FEEL YOU, I do but along with that comes many a logic and reasoning that too much of a good thing can’t be a good thing. This statement is completely dependant on what you want in life, i.e. if you have a nice arrangement where you’re comfortable doing what you’re doing and are regularly smoking up and it’s neither disturbing your life or improving it then that’s cool.  However if you have dreams to achieve, with many a long winding road yet to walk plagued with end of level boss battles, then I’d seriously ask you to reconsider your daily routines.  Weed is an amazing sedative relaxing drug, but feeling sedated and being a go getting don’t work together that well, if anything they make each others life difficult.  Now you’ll quote me some of the biggest HIP HOP stars and successful people and tell me that they’re quoted on an interview saying how much they smoke a day, yeah yeah blah blah blah blah. If this is where you are, then I’d urge you do some more research cos you’re really fucking yourself by believing this fluff talk then that’s dangerous.  For in the end we should all do what we do knowing the dangers, and if you choose to waver them then I fair play to yourself, and I have nothing more to say to you.


This naturally varies from personality to personality as people react differently to the physiological effects of being without “my precious” for a while.  In the end it comes to taking one of the following approaches to this problem.

WEANING yourself off SLOWLY

In this method a person slowly reduces the amount they smoke, leading up to the date that they’ve chosen to quit.  This in theory should reduce the withdrawal symptoms you suffer from once you’ve start your no smoking pact.


Now lets really talk turkey here, if you like going out with a bang this is your ticket! This method generally seems the more popular approach to tackling the issue, as even if you wean yourself down to needing just a few crumbs of weed to sleep/survive, or any other excuse you come up with, ultimately you’ll still be yearning something, just fuck it! Yes you’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms for the first week but you’ll get over it.


cliffWe’ll talk of other ways to help you sustain, you period of non smoking as we go on, but for main thing that needs to be realised is the difference in not being stoned all the time to being completely clean.  For you like myself have probably been smoking for a long ass time and just have forgotten what it feels like to be completely clean of all substances – it’s a new drug in itself, hard to really explain but we’ll also hopefully go into this on a later article.  Now I find myself having to always disclaimer this, but I love weed, it’s a just great feeling, great everything, but smoking takes you somewhere, now that something isn’t a bad place AT ALL, the only issue I have is, when statistically you’ve been spending 95% of your time there, and when you try to mix shit up you can’t you’re trapped.  Somehow without realising you got locked up there, and you don’t have a choice anymore, that’s where I come in.  When choice is removed, what was once a fun thing, becomes dangerous as look at it, like have your steering wheel locked in the same direction as you go 87 mph in a direction, i.e you know you’re gonna crash just when? – take control people!

Why is Weed SOO Villainised in Modern Society

So you’re walking home from work.. “what’s that!!!” you suddenly catch a whiff of that gaunja smell looming in the air! Your guard is up, “SOMEBODY IS SMOKING ILLEGAL DRUGS!” RED ALERT – Shields to maximum, purse/wallet/phone check!! You start to look around for the CRIMINAL, for he’s probably been in and out of prison numerous times committing endless crimes from manslaughter to rape and undoubtedly is a phedophile! You mentally toughen up, “if that ganja smoking bastard tries to steal from me, i’ll fuck him up!!!” and start remembering some of those kung fu moves your friend showed you!

OR if you’re like me, you smell that creamy weed aroma and think “DAMN, that’s SOME GOOD SHIIIIIIIIIII!!!” An example which leads us onto what we’re going to be exploring in this article as to how cannabis has ascertained such a bad reputation despite there being so much illegitimacy in the claims for it’s prohibition.

Politics – 9 times out of 10 the dirty variety.

Hemp (Cannabis plant) has been used since the 1600 as one of the first woven fabrics i.e. roping, cloth work, mats, chairs, brushes and pretty much everything.   It had been used as a medicine for many thousands of years all over the world being used in China and the Middle East for treating conditions like constipation, malaria and rheumatism.  Cannabis was sold quite freely in shops and it is commonly known Queen Victoria was administer cannabis regularly to ease her period pain.  It was actually the invention of needle syringes approximately near the end of the 19th century that marked an end of the widespread medicinal use.  To which the early 20th the plant started making headlines about it’s recreational usages.  Thus the roots as to why it’s become so villainised in our modern society follow the path as to why it was made illegal.  N.B The illegality of cannabis is still very unclear with lots of conspiracy elements involved some deserving more credit than others with the addition of all the recent scientific studies and reports and older ones i.e.

The 1968 Wootton Report, a Home Office investigation into the effects of cannabis concluded: “There is no evidence that this activity is causing violent crime or aggression, anti-social behaviour, or is producing in otherwise normal people conditions of dependence or psychosis requiring medical treatment.”

However 45 years later after the original Wootton Report and many others have been published it is still illegal to grow, produce, possess or supply Cannabis in the UK so the real question has to be ask is why do our governments keep cannabis prohibited on what basis.

Government Conspiracy?

“CONSPIRACY!!!” you all scream out and immediately many dismiss you as “one of those ay!”, but lets be honest the government’s bottom line explanation on cannabis prohibition makes no sense either so perhaps giving a lot more credit to the theories as to the real reason our government choose to ban it.  Let start by examining the infamous American propaganda video “Reefer Madness” (originally titled “Tell Your Children” or sometimes found as “The Burning Question”, “Dope Addict”, “Doped Youth” and “Love Madness”) released in the 1936 promoting cannabis as the first step to all psychotic illnesses and generally suggesting completely over the top scenerios.  Thankfully this video is generally now seen in it’s more comedic form, but the question as to why the US and every government tried as hard to wash the mind of their public is still unanswered.  So what are the possible motives?



During the revolution in 1910 many Mexicans crossed over the boarder travelling to numerous places within American with many debarking in California.   Many had brought this south american sounding plant “marijuana” with them and soon enough this difference, as a group of people, was noted and thus within the same year California was the first state to outlaw the “preparations of hemp, or loco weed.”.  This was soon followed by some of the other states including Wyoming in 1915, Texas in 1919, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas all in 1923 finally with Nebraska & Montana in 1927. The general consensus was these laws were designed to target the Mexican people living within America. Many public sources quote a senator in Texas, telling the floor of the Senate that “All Mexicans are crazy and this stuff [cannabis] is what makes them crazy”.


Now in the early 1930’s this marijuana plant was becoming an epidemic as it was spreading across America mainly through Latin Americans and black jazz musicians.  During this time jazz and marijuana had become indivisible to the jazz scene as it travelled hand in hand crossing from New Orleans to Chicago and then finally Harlem with many of  big black artists of that time like Louis Armstrong,Cab Calloway, Fats Waller’s making mention to the plant in songs like “Muggles”,”That Funny Reefer Man” and “Viper’s Drag”.  Similar patterns where happening around the globe with recreational / musical use of cannabis became every popular growing at it’s heights during the 40/50’s among migrants from the Caribbean arriving in the UK, with the first ever drugs bust taking place at the Jazz Club Number 11 Club in Soho.

Political Leverage

Another man we owe greatly for the illegalisation of cannabis is Harry J. Anslinger, whom in 1930 was appointed head of the newly formed U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics.  The trouble with this new department was that there just wasn’t enough cases of cocaine or forms opiates to bust, so they turned their focus to marijuana and began trying to make it illegal at the federal level.  He drew national attention to marijuana by accrediting it to racial and very violent cases and promoted his Gore Files, which was “Reefer-madness” style accounts of violent crimes being commited by blacks on this drug. A few other quotes from his Gore Files:

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”,     “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”, “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”,      “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”,      “Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”,      “You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”,      “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.” 


Now back in the 1930’s along with cloth and woven hemp was also originally one of the competitors to nowadays timber based paper.  Our modern day Rupert Murdoc equivalent of the generation was a man named William Randolf Hearst who owned of a massive chain of newspapers.  William Hearst had invested a lot in the timber industry for the production of his newspapers and with the oncoming threat of hemp paper taking over it was in his great interest to favour Harry J. Anslinger campaign on marijuana.

Hearst had numerous reasons to help. Firstly right off the bat he was widely reported to hate Mexicans. 2) He had heavily invested in the timber industry to show his support to his newspaper chain which he didn’t want to see the development of hemp paper in competition. 3) He had lost 800,000 acres of timberland to Pancho Villa, so this further completed his resolve to further hate Mexicans. 4) He was selling many newspapers with headlines about the devils marijuana causes violence, while not only misinforming the general public but getting extremely rich in the process.

Generally we see that money has been a good agenda behind many a suspected conspiracy and while cannabis has many medical properties and can really be grown almost in any weather and soil conditions i.e. many people can grow the plant fairly effortlessly. This fact alone potentially  points to pharmaceutical companies losing billions every year.  These pharmaceutical companies are the same ones that fund the campaigns to get parties into power and the parties are threatened that if they legalise Cannabis then the company will no longer fund them.

Fear Mongering

For the United Kingdom during it was in 1928 cannabis was made illegal for all purposes i.e medicinal / recreational. After an international drugs conference which took place in Geneva, Switzerland where an Egyptian delegate managed to persuade all the attendee countries that cannabis was a danger to society comparing it directly to studies and effects of opium usage.  Immediately after the conference laws banning cannabis were implemented.  Using this process of false fear  mongering, many countries also followed in suit resulting in the the majority of the world implentments similar variations of cannabis laws, based on this research as the unknown risk looming upon society is why many felt prohibition was the safest measure to take.


Be it government conspiracy or politics, racism, greed or fear mongering, the fact remains that consuming cannabis is still completely illegal in most countries with it’s roots stemming from why most likely due some of the above.  This article intends to only scratch the surface of the real story of why cannabis is shunned in modern society. If you are interested in this topic and would like to know more about the history of marijuana check out some of the links below.



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So What’s the Deal with Hash Cakes?

choco muffinThe hash cake is a commonly misunderstood entity, for it’s appearance presents you a fluffy warm and soft delicious mouth watering chocolate muffins while secretly masking it’s true  potential of pure havoc.  Almost like the apple in the forbidden garden of Eden, you’ll finish up all the chocolate loviness and straight after feel like a hero, for not only has this delicious muffin quenched your hungry but wasn’t this muffin meant to be “really strong right?” enough to take down a very large person. Not you however for you’ve taken the test and come out in valour, bravo!! well done you!! Then you set your mind to the next thing and as another half hour creeps up on you, you slowly start to feel really weird and then another ten minutes go past, which to you now feels like a further half hour has elapsed.  You’re reminder that you did eat an entire hash cake, which cools and calms your nerves as a good explanation should.  Another ten minutes elapse, to which you are now tripping balls and higher than you’ve ever been.  The experience is extreme and at points you question on whether you’re actually enjoying yourself, but you’re convinced you are so you stay on the ride (like you had a choice anyway).  This is a common account of many who have just fearlessly and also quite naively plunged into the hash cake world with general consultment.

How does it work?

ovenUltimately the weed is baked into the cake thus completely masking the cannabis flavour to the point one is easily deceived into thinking they’re eating an ordinary and very tasty chocolate muffin.  To add to the further deception the cake has no effect for at least 40mins to an hour ie the time required for the digestion process to complete and then from zero to infinity you’ll be experiencing extreme highs!!! Whenever you purchase a hash cake in Amsterdam, the staff automatically will warn you “hey bud, once it’s in it ain’t coming out, so be careful okay”.  For they’ve seen it all before, and probably had to clean up after the spastic who completely whited his ass off and made reck on the joint, most likely even twenty minutes before you walked in.

Any Other Edibles?

cannabutterYes loads! As a key process for making hash cakes is canna butter, which is essentially butter that’s had cannabis infused into it. Now using this T.H.C max potency butter, you’ll be able to not only make hash cakes but cookies, chocolate bars, almost anything uses butter i.e. an endless line of strongly infused cannabis products.  When smoking cannabis we’re not burning the herb to it’s max potential thus the full potency of the gear isn’t really being appreciated.  However during the cooking process all the T.H.C crystals are ignited and 100% delivered into the product of choice.

School Boy Errors!!

school_boyMy future brother in law walked the same path as the foolish and overestimating his tolerance to the Ganja, thinking at weed connoisseur level, made the school boy error of thinking that the cake he’d just consumed hadn’t worked so ordered a further irish coffee with double (triple shot if you ask me) of whisky.  The story didn’t end to well for him, the next vivid memory I have of him is filling up 3 carrier bags of vomit of all different colours!!  Lesson here people, be warned a hash cake looks and smells completely innocent however the production of this product could create almost an A class experience given the quantity and type of cannabis used.

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One Real Good Reason Why Getting High Everyday Is Bad

no drivingOk so throughout this blog we’ve looked at many different reasons why smoking weed in moderation is the way forward instead of baking up every day and night.  We’ve talk about how just the process of smoking logically can’t be good for your lungs, even though your buddy who knows about things, who happens to be a smoker as well, keeps telling you otherwise. I’ve said enough about the health risks etc I’ll respect any reader to use their own initiative and common sense on this one.  We looked at side effects like lack of drive.  Today I want to explore when “the drugs do work” and when your addiction turns from the weed itself to being your way out!

We haven’t all been there, but we have!

depressionWithout getting to deep on this one, life is strange place where despite all your planning you never really know what’s gonna happen next. That being true, sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in the bottom of a big ass hole you’ve been blindly digging even deeper every night while you’ve been smoking up.  Sometimes it might not even be your fault at all, like losing a loved one or suffering major disappointment or being subject to social bullying, which as Facebook & social media grow deeper into our lives is becoming a increasingly more significant silent killers.  Whatever the situation be it of your doing or not, first and fore mostly I or nobody in this world has the right to judge you and I my intentions in this article are to help you realise you’re probably not the first to have walked in those footsteps.  So I guess this is where I say “I’ve been there” etc etc, but that could never be true, and ultimately we all suffer from millions of different causes that bring us down, and get you hooked on using a substance to make it all go away.  Now there I’ve definitely been, and I’m sure if you’ve found your way onto this page you have too.

I got problems, who doesn’t?

Red AlertNow right to the point, you kept telling people and yourself “Nah, things are cool, I’m fine” but meanwhile things got way too much to handle.  You picked up some weed one night and smoked it, and without really thinking about it you did the same the next morning, and before you realised it you’re smoking all the time around the clock.  When your partner, or loved one see the obvious changes happening to you, and pull you up on it, you tell them “Nah, I haven’t got a problem – this shit is good for me, it keeps me happy!” The people around you are forced to buy this story but secretly are fearing you’re destroying yourself slowly and slowly but of course we’ve certainly all been there “CAPTAIN RED ALERT our lifestyle is under threat, INCOMING…. now ATTTACK”

How High and How Deep?

down_soundI’ll admit it, as a fellow sufferer I bounced people off me with excuses, sure I wasn’t fooling anybody but what did I care? I smoked everyday till stupid hours in the morning fantasising about how I was gonna claim my life / win happiness back HOLLYWOOD STYLE!!   Instead I’d find myself in the 24 hour supermarket junking on frozen pizzas and any other bullshit I could find.  I didn’t have any money anymore, I stopped working ages ago and stopped caring longer before that.  After justifying it by becoming a freelancer, I did work every now and again, but I wasn’t doing shit.  I was getting high, and turning down the sound to my problems, cause it’s got to be said weed is really good at doing that! Credit due where deserved, it doesn’t work over night but moreover the more you smoke it the easier it gets to dim the lights on problematic areas of your life.  This can go for years, and the thing is you’d be happy during that time, as ignorance is bliss right? We’ve talked in detail about denial over these couple of years, and the dangerous thing leaving something rooting in your fridge freezer that you eat from everyday, is that the bacteria spreads.

A little about me…

This shit happened to me also and well I just got fat, like really fat. I’m funny guy and I make fun outta my big belly all the time, as to show people it’s not something that really affects me.  However what’s really going on is I’m creating a defence shield throwing out red herrings, and trying to throw people off the scent, because the  truth is that it does affect me a lot.  It depresses me so much that instead of going down 2 stones I put on another 2 stones, and I ain’t a tall guy either, this weight means I don’t have any more clothes fit me anymore as I’ve grown bigger than all of them.  So who am I kidding, telling you I don’t care, cos when I smoke I actually don’t and that’s the scary thing.

Turn out of the lights.

Unknown-1You can have serious problems in your life and using weed on a regular basis is a great way of avoiding them.  It takes a bit of mental training at first, because initially getting high on a bad day can really go wrong as paranoia could creeps in.  I think this problem is something nearly all regular mature weed smokers can relate with. If any of this sounds like you, my advice is to not over think anything, and clean up.  Like alcohol, weed isn’t a bad thing at all, the drug is amazing and we all should appreciate it properly by not raping the fuck outta it every second of the day to the point you don’t even feel that high when you smoke anymore. Truth is you won’t hear the real advice you need to from me, but CLEAN UP!! and once your head is clean and clear the answers to all your problems will suddenly appear.  Then it’s just a case of sticking to your resolve…. and like millions of people out there in the world that have walked this road, you really will then be fine. Good luck reader!!

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